You're sick? You have an emergency? Your session is outdoors and it's pouring rain? Things happen, I get it. Using your same deposit, we can work on rescheduling your session to a different day and/or time once. Any subsequent change will require an additional deposit.

Rescheduling isn't an option for you or you have decided to go elsewhere? It's all good, no hard feelings. Any amount paid in advance above the deposit will be refunded back to you. The deposit itself is non refundable.

Should an emergency arise on my side, I will work with you to reschedule our session or find another photographer to replace me. Should we not be able to find an acceptable solution for both parties, I will refund you any amount paid toward your session, deposit included.

can i get a refund?

Typically, payments are made using a credit card, Apple Pay, Stripe or Venmo. I also accept cash. Any other type of payment would need to be discussed and approved.

what type of payment methods do you accept?

When you commit your time for a session with me, I also commit my time for a specific date and time. That  specific block of time is reserved just for you and no one else can reserve that time. By then, I've also already invested time and expertise in consulting with you and planning your session.

why do i need to pay a deposit?


Visiting a hair and makeup artist ahead of your photography session isn't a requirement. It get it, it adds to the costs. BUT... hear me out: you are investing in yourself and/or in your company with these images. You want them to look as good as can be and hair and makeup do add that extra touch and truly makes a difference on the final look.

That said, you can go to your regular hair & makeup artist or, alternatively, I can offer recommendations or make arrangements for you if you so desire.

do i need to have my hair & makeup professionally done?

No worries: it's my job as the photographer to help you relax and feel more comfortable during our time together and guide you through the poses.

I'm uncomfortable in front of a camera and don't know what to do

I can help! I can make outfit styles and colors recommendations specifics to your photography session.

i don't know what to Wear. How should i dress?


This is highly dependent on your chosen location. If the chosen location requires a permit and/or charges a fee, you will be solely responsible for any associated costs.

Is there a cost for the location?

Permits requirements are location dependent. Some locations do require a permit, in which case the request must be submitted ahead of time (at least 2 weeks prior to your session, sometimes even earlier). I am happy to help you out with the paperwork but your will be solely responsible for the costs of the permit. 

Will a permit be required?

The location will be determined during the consultation time, according to the specifics of your session. It could be indoors or indoors; in a studio setup at my location, at your place of business or your home, or at a different location like a studio rental or a park, for instance.

where will the session be held at?

While you can come to Herndon for your session, you don't have to! I regularly go to various locations throughout Northern Virginia and D.C. I'm also open to discuss further travels.

Herndon is a little far for me... Can you come to me?


To book your photography session, reach out to me by filling out the contact form, sending me an email at and/or by texting or calling me at 202-697-0602. Once we've discussed the type of session you need, your vision for it, the cost and timeframe, I'll draft a contract reflecting our discussion and send it to you for review and signature along with an invoice so you can pay the required deposit to reserve your date and time. Once that's done, your session will be booked.

How can I book my session?

All photography sessions are offered by appointment only and must be reserved ahead of time. A contract must also be signed and a deposit made prior to the session.

Do I need to schedule an appointment?


I do occasionally offer additional services upon request. Please reach out so we can discuss your specific needs.

Do you offer any other services?

As part of my services, empowering and glamour portraits are typically individual portraits allowing your personality, individuality and inner beauty to shine. These are the images you want to showcase on your wall. These can also include boudoir style. Investment starts at $250.

What are empowering and glamour portraits?

YES! Headshots and commercial portraits are a specialty of mine. Be it corporate headshots (typically head and shoulder), commercial portraits (corporate headshots, half body, 3/4 body, full body as well as team image) or acting / modeling portfolio building headshots, I'll work with you to create the images you need. Investment starts at $150.

Do you offer individual headshots (corporate, acting, modeling)?

Absolutely! For these, I typically bring my photography and lighting equipment as well as any chosen backgrounds to your offices. Investment starts at $500.

Do you offer volume headshots?


Got questions? Here's some answers! If you can't find what you're looking for, please reach out to me.


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